Bare to Bush. An interesting insight about Body Hair and Nudity

bare-to-bush-website-2She's the girl who started a blog called Bare To Bush where she documented the regrowth of her body hair after shaving most of it off in September, 2013.
During her regrowth, she realized that she's got a lot to say about bare bodies, body image and the way she feels about things. So she launched a website where she can do just that.

And her website really does that! She shows pictures of the process of regrowth, while adding her ideas and feelings about body hair, nudity and self acceptance.

It's always refreshing to find out what other person is thinking about herself. Usually we always have worse views of ourselves than anyone else has, biased by tradition and education, hence the amount of self consciousness that most people have about every little part of their body, which keeps them from going nude. You get an example on the post called "My Awesome Saggy Breasts". Check out the comments by the readers, putting things in perspective.

For those like me who love nude photography, the post "The Reality of Nudity" is a very interesting read.

It's an interesting insight and it's worth a look! Bare To Bush, interesting website about Nudity and Body Hair

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