Naked in NY against dictatorship of clothing

nude-in-NYC-1Dressed Eve in the Big Apple. This is the "Nue York" (Naked York, it's a pun in French) series of self-portraits in which the professional photographer Erica Simone walks in the nude in the busy and famous US city.

She doesn't want to be qualified it as exhibitionist! This eclectic and seasoned photographer, went through several continents and prestigious publications, boasts an artistic approach and a few messages to get across. The illegality of nudity which she finds "crazy" on the one hand; social straitjacket in which clothing enclose their owners, on the other hand. She shows a desire to provoke thoughts through fun and unexpected images and situations.

We have mixed feelings about this set of pictures. They're beautiful and thought provoking, but we're not sure if this is just a gimmick to attract media's attention, just for being a beautiful young photographer that goes naked in public.

What's your opinion about it?

Take a look at the whole series at her web:

nude-in-NYC-3 nude-in-NYC-2 nude-in-NYC-4 nude-in-NYC-5

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