Cycling naked around the city. The WNBR 2014 video as an insider.

nudeinspain_brandLast Saturday, the World Naked Bike Ride was celebrated in Barcelona, Madrid and other Spanish cities.
I joined the cheerful but small Barcelona group, beside the Arc de Triomf in a beautiful warm afternoon. We were only about 20 of us, but right before the event started we were already surrounded by TV cameras, and hundreds of people taking pics of us. The WNBR is meant to raise awareness about how fragile is a human on a bike cycling around our traffic crowded cities, so I guess it is great attracting so much attention.
But that was nothing yet. We became the Topic of the Day as soon as we crossed the city's main attractions, crowded with tourists as usual. I must say that cycling in the nude in your own city is a truly liberating feeling, specially when you know how careful you must be when going off the cycle lanes.


WNBR Barcelona: Thousands of supportersWe went all the way down Las Ramblas, to the Columbus monument, along the old Port to the Barceloneta Beach where crowds of clothed sunbathers saw how a little bunch of naked cyclists were creating an odd situation that didn't go unnoticed -clothed on the beach, nude on the streets-, perhaps helped by the loud speakers that our "leader" got attached to his bike, playing uplifting tunes.
Then all the way up the Sagrada Familia, where the hundreds of tourists that just finished their visit to the wonderful unfinished cathedral, ended their photographic sets with the crazy nudies on bikes. I am sure many of them were thinking this is some kind of regular touristic attraction, a surprise feature from their tour operator.

Few disgusted faces

I recorded this video to show you how it's like from the inside. To show how many smiles and laughter we provoked among the audience. Believe me if I say that we encountered very few disapproving faces, mainly old ladies. Many of the smiles and cheers were of the "Oh My God, look at those Nutters!" kind, while many others looked more like "Wow, that looks like fun, I'd love to join them!".

Why don't you join next year... or next week?

This was my first WNBR and I'll be a part of it in the years to come. It's fun, you have a great time, you help a little bit to change your world, and you meet nice people. Who knows, you might even find there someone you know! 😉
In many cities on the Northern Hemisphere the World Naked Bike Ride will take place next Saturday, so take this as an encouragement for you to join the nearest one!

The Insider's view of the WNBR Barcelona 2014 on video

PS. Our sincere admiration goes to the two only girls that did the ride naked. Fair play, girls!
PS2. If someone in the video would like to get removed, please let us know.

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