Day Without Bathing Suits 2014

day-without-bathing-suits-2014Back in 2007, the Spanish Naturist Federation (FEN) launched an initiative called Day Without Bathing Suits (Día Sin Bañadores) geared to all Spaniards and tourists in Spain, that was to be held on the third Sunday in July. As it turned out, the initiative was highly successful the 2010 Word Congress in Italy aproved this day as an International day.

This year it's being celebrated next Sunday July 20skinnydip3_2_s. The idea is to invite people that aren't regular nudists to take off their bathing suits and enjoy the natural outdoor life. As you know, the laws in Spain allow for freedom of choice in dressing; that is, whether wearing any kind of suits or to being in the nude in any public space, unless there's specific legislation against it.
Since it started, the campaign has been a success. Being that wearing a bathing suit is an option, the respect should be mutual: “I do not make you take your clothes off, you should not make me put them on.”

In some places they organise big events this day, like the famous 2013 Skinny Dip Guinness World Record at Vera Playa (see image, right). For sure it's a good day to invite your friends to feel what is like being kissed by the sun and touched by the sea without any barriers between you and Nature.

Spanish Federation of Naturism Manifesto

I'll copy now here the FEN DWBS manifesto, updating last year's:

  • To claim social tolerance towards nudity, the 7th Day Without Bathing Suits will be held all over Spanish beaches on Sunday, July 20, 2014 (3rd Sunday of July of each year)
  • Free nudity at all beaches will be promoted on that day. Thus, we foster the choice of sunbathing with or without swimming suits as a way to increase greater acceptance of nudity by the general population.
  • Hence, on July 20th, come without bathing clothes to any generally non-nudist beach and exercise your right to sunbathe in the nude. It is as simple as that.
  • We want this day to be a day, at most beaches, where tolerance and respect is exercised, as much as we respect other options such as the swim suit, the bikini, or the tanga.
  • Would you like to go either with company to a specific beach or to help other people to exercise this right? Get in touch with your association or the closest you find to the place where you are staying.

In order to claim social respect towards nudity at all beaches, the Spanish Naturist Federation declares that:

  • Nudity is just another option such as wearing a bikini or going top-less are. Nudity should be seeing as an accepted choice at all beaches.
  • Discrimination between nudists and non-nudists should disappear; all are just sunbathers.
  • All beaches must be places where everybody can have the right of choice to their own image as it reads in article 18.1 of the Spanish Constitution.
  • According to present legislation, nudity cannot be limited, fined , and much less prohibited.
  • After 24 years of de-penalization of social nudity, nudism is still discriminated against and misunderstood by a large section of society; furthermore, autonomous, local and national police, at large, still ignore the law.
  • UNICEF, the highest international institution for the defence of family and children, does not consider the sight of human nudity by children harmful in any of its documents.
  • Puritan groups who, under the false pretense of protecting family and children, want to impose their morality on others and cut back public freedoms, should be exposed for what they are.
  • Nudism is socially beneficial since it helps to fight common stereotypes of gender and to blur the sexual connotations of nudity.
  • The Spanish Naturist Federation also declares that nudity helps all people to accept their own bodies for what they are. A person who takes off his/her clothes accepts his/her own body naturally as it is.

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