Iguala, México: Naked against Horror

PHOTOS: Édgar Olguín. Translated from elmundo.es.

Naked against horror

"We chose a wagon that had light and not have children. A child is not able to understand this message. So I took the camera and when she took off her clothes and stood naked in total silence in front of the 60 people who were there. It was created. A family that was right behind her, understood the idea and made gestures to show their gratitude for our work. The rest were perplexed without making a noise. That was the most difficult time. "

The narrator of this story is Edgar Olguin, a Mexican photographer who devised a provocative way to report the disappearance of the 43 students of Iguala and, in his view, the state complicity. Then he gathered a team of six models, actors and actresses who volunteer with a crew of five people decided to take to the streets of Mexico City to launch their naked bodies in his message of protest. "In Mexico is more alarming a naked body than a charred or skinned body", said Edgar. "Every morning one can see on newsstands header six newspapers with pictures of mangled corpses, but strangely a nude is more shocking. We have lost the perspective," he insists.


"We need a strong voice"
Will there be those who believe that show naked bodies is effectively a demand already very trite and easy? "We risked sexual and sexist criticism, but it needed a strong call for people to react. We live in a society with a double standard. We offer a peaceful demonstration," defends.

A similar idea to the holding Sara Juárez, a girl of 18 who is prepared to be an actress and proudly defends her modeling. "I went to all demonstrations and came to my house with emptiness, silence. Therefore the pictures on the subway, for example, share with the people an alternative expression."
"I would only get naked for a fair cause"
The young model remembers she was afraid that something might happen with the police because public nudity is forbidden. "I was very nervous before taking my clothes off in the car." admits. "They offered me nude work before but always declined. As you would for a fair cause to teach my body is vulnerable as we all are and I had a message," he explains. Argument, however, has not prevented him criticism: "I get messages on my Facebook from many strangers who say they do not respect my body and I've done to gain fame It's a sexist remark of a macho culture." Incident.

The reality is that the photos have captured the attention of numerous media. The project, which has no profit, has been hanging around on a website that has the title "Putting the body, Sticking voice." "Some galleries DF interested in the exhibition we did there, but the world's largest gallery is internet and decided to hang there our job to give greater visibility," Edgar said. "Nobody has been charged, the project is voluntary and non-profit".

The parents of the 43 students involved in a constant struggle to prevent forget or close the case, thanked the youth support. "We called thanking the help". Will there be new projects? "We are now talking to famous people to make a new photo shoot protest". ¿Nude? "No, we believe that the idea of naked force has had and now we must let her rest. We are now coming up with another proposal," he concludes.


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