Naked audience to watch play about Nudism in Chile

desnudos-al-natural-chileThe audience had to get completely naked to a play about Nudism called "Desnudos al Natural", in the theatre of La Olla, Santiago de Chile the past month of April.

Attendees arrived to the venue being received by a naked couple, and prior to entering the room, they were asked to leave their clothing in a bag that was left in the cloak room.

After this, arose this comedy that aims to break the national schemes, showing the actors completely naked for almost the whole length of the play.

It is an adaptation of the play by Venezuelan playwright José Vicente Díaz Rojas, and tells the story of two brothers who reunite after a long time apart, to define the future of a nudist beach, who have received in inheritance.

"It is a comedy that faces both actors and public to one of the major conflicts of our society, be comfortable with nudity and the body without the need for items that cover it or hide it," said the director of the company Teatro La Olla, Cristian Sanhueza.

The cast of the play Desnudos al Natural

The cast of the play "Desnudos al Natural"

"For us it was not a topic that is easy to work with, because it was difficult to find actors willing to act without clothing throughout the story", he said.

Those who dare are: Nicolás Gaete, Gerald Hawliezek, Karla Matta, Camila Lushinger, Pier Nordetti, and Javier Mora.

According to reports from the company's communication department, initially only the premiere was to be celebrated with naked public, but due to the high demand, they set up "Bare Thursdays", during April.

The functions on Fridays and Saturdays, the attendees could enter with clothes.

Here's the promo video:

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