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Simple and straight-to-the-point video by France Naturisme. In a nudist beach you take off acquired tabboos, inhibitions and proverbial mask.

Idless Field Holywell bay in the background
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For an entire week (From Sunday 6 th July until Sunday 13 th July 2014.) British Naturism take over the whole of the Newperran Holiday Park, Newquay, with nudity permitted across the entire site.

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She’s the girl who started a blog called Bare To Bush where she documented the regrowth of her body hair after shaving most of it off in September, 2013.

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The practice of naked yoga, which is called ‘nagna yoga’ in Sankskrit, has been in spiritual rotation since ancient times, and is still practiced by religious figures in India.

FEN-INF Family meeting 2014
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The Southern European family meeting will be held this year at Camping El Portús in Spain, from May 30th to June 8th. The event will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of ADN the Madrid Naturist Association.