Nude Beaches

This is what a supposedly nudist beach look like during high season near a popular tourist resortIt's the same horror story for all Nudists worldwide: you pick the perfect beach from a wild review on the net, you find it on a map, you take your car and drive all the way to find out there's nothing like a car park around the place. You manage to leave it at the side of the road, then pick your beach gear and walk 15 minutes on a dangerous path... and when you finally arrive THE BEACH IS TEXTILE-CROWDED!!
Well, this is why we've created NUDE IN SPAIN. We want to give you the best, most updated and most accurate information about all nudist beaches, nudist friendly hotels and resorts in Spain, probably the most nudist friendly country in the world. We've placed carefully every place on a map, including the nearest parking areas together with Geolocation coordinates so you'll easily find your way.
We're working hard to add up a review of every single place featured here, but it's going to take some time. Meanwhile you can use the map to find the nudist beaches. All these beaches pinpointed here have been visited and reviewed by fellow nudists. ENJOY!

Click on the coloured area where you want to find nude beaches:

Image Map Nude Beaches, Eastern Mediterranean Coast Nude Beaches in Canary Islands Nude Beaches in Balearic Islands Nude Beaches in Northern Spain Nude Beaches in Andalusia, Southern Spain