CAMBOUZAS – Arteixo (A Coruña)

Beach Name: Combouzas

Town / Province / Region: Arteixo / A Coruña /

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Description: This beach is located next to the beach Barrañán, and is quite dangerous for swimming. The area dune that owns this beach makes people to go to protect themselves among the sand dunes of the strong winds that whip it frequently.
 Our Comments: Located in the municipality of Arteixo, near A Coruña, is the most popular nudist beach in the area of the city of A Coruña and its region. The beach is large, attached to the nearby beach of Barrañán (non nudist). It features fine sand. Due to its size, you can walk through it, play, in fact there is a space for the beach volleyball, children, even at low tide, they have their pools to play, build their castles and have a good time. The kind of people on the beach is varied, couples, groups, couples with children... It is very comfortable to be on this beach, there aren't as many onlookers as years ago. It also has four showers, lifeguard, first aid cabin, and a van selling ice creams and drinks, all of this durint high season, of course. The only downside for this beach, is the strong waves that you have sometimes. The site, quiet and beautiful, is perfect just to relax, enjoy Nature, watch birds and dolphins and listen to the rumour of the sea.

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