LA MAR BELLA – Barcelona (Barcelona)

Beach Name: La Mar Bella

Town / Province / Region: Barcelona / Barcelona / Catalunya

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Description: This beach is located between the Nova Mar Bella and Bogatell, with very similar characteristics to the beaches of the zone, where the Wind-surfing fans concentrate. A library can be found on this beach.
 Our Comments: It's the official nudist beach in the city of Barcelona. One of the few urban nudist beaches in the world. Being a urban nude beach in one of the most touristic cities in the world means the outstanding amount of "onlookers" and how crowded this beach can be, specially the weekends. Also, this beach is well known among the Gay community, and at certain times (when the sun goes down) it becomes more of a place for exhibition, and nothing really about naturism. Yes, many people sunbathe naked, but definitely, we wouldn't recommend it to fellow naturists, having other alternatives. But sure, come over if you're visiting Barcelona and your clothes are itching!

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