CALAS DE PONIENTE – Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Beach Name: Calas de Poniente

Town / Province / Region: Conil de la Frontera / Cádiz /

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Description: The Calas de Poniente are known to seven small size Virgin coves: Cala Encendida, Cala Aspero, Cala Pato, Cala Medina and Cala Frailecillo, all of them of great beauty and similar characteristics. They are nestled under some cliffs of reddish tones that characterize this coastal stretch. The Cala Encendida is the first of the beaches of Poniente and the most frequented due to its easy access. Cala Aspero is accessed through enabled stairs to get to the sand. Cala Pato has the charm of being accessible via a ladder down to the sand, although these are currently closed for being in poor condition. Cala Medina is accessed by stairs located near the parking. Cala Frailecillo is the last of the Calas de Poniente and the smallest, with some great rocks for angling. The Cala del Faro is also very small and accessible via staircase.
 Our Comments: The practice of nudism during high season in these beaches is very casual and in very remote areas. Recommended for fellow naturists during Spring and Early Summer, before the invasion of "textile" bathers.

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