CALA MURTRA – Roses (Girona)

Beach Name: Cala Murtra

Town / Province / Region: Roses / Girona /

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      Recommended car park.
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  • Beach characteristics
    • Composition: Pebbles / Sand (Golden)
    • Bathing Conditions: Moderate Swell / Windy
    • Occupancy Rate: Low
    • Location: Isolated
    • Sea Shore: Mountain
    • Protected Area: Yes, Natural park
    •  Sea Tides info:
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Description: Isolated Cove composed of stones and sand. Access on foot or by boat. Crystal clear water. The beach is located within the boundaries of the protected area of Cabo de Creus. The width varies between 8 (winter) and 16 meters (summer) approximately.
 Our Comments: It's a small little beach in a beautiful natural setting. Despite its difficult access, it's quite popular. Few nudists during high season, but it's worth spending a nice quiet morning here. Bring beach shoes with you if you want to take a bath.

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