Beach Name: Siete Playas / Zazpi Hondartzak

Town / Province / Region: Mutriku / Guipúzcoa /

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  • Beach characteristics
    • Composition: Pebbles / Rock / Gravel / Sand (Golden)
    • Bathing Conditions: Strong swell / Windy
    • Occupancy Rate: Low
    • Location: Isolated
    • Sea Shore: Cliff
    • Protected Area: Yes, Strictly protected area
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Description: Succession of beaches between the tip of Kardala and Saturraran Beach, in a predominantly natural environment. Area accessible only at low tide. It is dangerous to enter without knowledge of the tides because it is a very steep area without a way out. The bus stops in the town of Mutriku. Office of tourism in Mutriku, Txurruka Plaza, s/n Tel. (+ 34) 943 603 378.
 Our Comments: If you see that there's a textile invasion on the big Saturrarán beach, you'll find small quiet coves to the right of the cape.

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  • Nat Biss

    From the nudist coves at Saturraran the way seems easy at the beginning, but soon gets more and more complicated. Slippery wet rocks can be dangerous at certain points. Be careful and wear proper shoes if you try. I was unable to finish the route and had to return to the beach.

    • admin

      Than you very much for your comment, Nat.
      We welcome reviews like yours, to help fellow nudists to find our beaches easily and safely. Feel free to add more!