Northern Spain

Considered the Spanish hidden pearl, Northern Spain has it all: a fantastic landscape with everything from high mountains to amazingly attractive beaches. Its cultural heritage is greatly influenced by the birth of what we now call Spain. The region is home of the most modern Spanish cuisine and some of Spain’s best wines are produced here. Not least you find endless possibilities for activities in the mountains and cities, at sea and on rivers.
The area has not yet been discovered by international mass tourism, and the pleasant climate at the sea side, turns these regions into the preferred vacation paradise for many Spaniards. You can expect a holiday where you will be met with hospitality and where quality is paramount.
From Euskadi (The Basque Country) to Galicia, from the Gulf of Vizcaya to the Atlantic Rias Baixas, the sea water might not be as warm as in the Mediterranean, but some of the beaches locations are truly breathtaking. Also, being much less crowded than those areas open to mass tourism, the nudist beaches in Northern Spain are worth to be discovered.

List of Verified Nude Beaches, Northern Spain